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Santim Card Benefits

The Santim card provides regular cashback for the entire purchase price, except for tobacco products and promotional items.
The cashback level depends on the card level. There are three tiers, which are revised monthly based on the total purchases from the previous month.
Guest Card - 1%
- a basic level of. All new cards start from this level.
Friend Card - 3%
- the level that is provided if the amount of purchases for the previous month was from UAH 3000 to UAH 4999.
VIP card - 5%
- the level that occurs if the amount of purchases for the previous month was from UAH 5,000.
The level for the next month is determined on the 1st day of each month.
In addition to Cashback for the entire purchase, there are two special accrual programs.
Santim Selected - an increased cashback of 5% is provided for goods of own import
Prepared products of our own production - they are charged an increased cashback of 10% daily from 8.00 to 20.00 (at other times, the products are subject to an Evening discount of -30% for all buyers).
How to use bonuses
Accruals start from the first purchase. In order to be able to use the accumulated bonuses, you need to complete a full registration in the chatbot.
Do bonuses expire?
Bonuses have no expiration date. But if the Card has not been used for six months, the accumulated bonuses are reset to zero. (This will be definitely announced in advance).